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Founders of The Bottom's Digest on a blue background
Peach with a pit

I co-founded The Bottom's Digest in 2021 with my hubz, Mike.

Peach with a pit

Since day one, we said, "Anyone can bottom." Now over 300,000 of y'all are listening to your bodies, identifying trigger foods, prioritizing your pleasure, and disregarding decades of toxic misinformation and behaviors. I need a tissue...the waterworks are coming on.

It takes a village to make this work happen. I'm honored to have y'all as part of that village. 

Peach with a pit
More about the CE-hoe
Founder of The Bottom's Digest in his kitchen

Time to spill some tea...

Howdy slutz! I’m Alex Hall, a butt and gut recipe developer, body autonomy activist, raunchy video host, husband, and sex educator. 


My ass was put on this floating rock to erase the idea that you can’t eat before sex, especially anal sex. Food and sex are my greatest pleasures and I want you to have endless amounts of both. With some tiny tweaks to your favorite dishes and some self-exploration, you’ll be having a blast in the kitchen and the bedroom in no time!


I was raised in Houston, TX where I grew up cooking Mexican dishes with my friends and Cajun dinners with my family. My favorite chefs influence my recipes—many of whom are Southern women, like my mom and my lesbian godmothers. They taught me how to literally impress the pants off someone with my food, and I’m eternally grateful for that. 


When I was 18, I went to school to pursue my original passion for fashion design. My favorite memories were never fashion shows or sewing, though. What I loved most were the dinner parties I threw to save money, and teaching my roommates how to cook their favorite dishes that their parents never taught them. Although I was a dean’s list student in college, finances kicked me to the curb. This ignited my love for accessible education.

I pivoted into reproductive rights for over half a decade where I was a video producer and editor, content creator, and website developer teaching people about body autonomy and sexual health. It was a stressful gig, but food and cooking were always the grounding forces in my life, making me feel phenomenal, inside and out. 


One night while I was living in NYC (in a 300 square foot apartment) I was cooking dinner (who cooks dinner in NYC??) when the idea for The Bottom’s Digest slapped me across both my cheeks. And here we are!


My favorite food is comfort food, and that’s exactly what I aim to bring you with The Bottom’s Digest—comfort food that keeps you in the mood. I love to make food that tastes naughty but is way healthier than you would imagine. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to dive a** deep.

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