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Welcome, starving sluts. I’m Alex Hall, and I’m Chief Bottom Officer in this kitchen. The Bottom’s Digest is my World of Wonder WOWIE nominated cooking show where I share delicious, bottom-friendly recipes in a sex-positive environment.


I want to empower all you beautiful bottoms to put yourselves first and erase the idea that you can’t eat before sex. Food and sex are my greatest pleasures and I want you to have lots and lots of both. Stimulate your senses, live a little, and have some fun!

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I was born and raised in Houston where I grew up cooking Mexican dishes with my friends and Cajun dinners with my family. My recipes are influenced by my favorite chefs, many of whom are southern women, like my mom and my queer godmothers. They taught me how to literally impress the pants off someone with my food, and I’ll be forever grateful for that. 


I’ll really eat anything (except olives) but my favorite food is comfort food, and that’s exactly what I aim to bring you with The Bottom’s Digest. Comfort food that keeps you in the mood. The Bottom’s Digest keeps things dairy-free and low-FODMAP so things can get freaky later without a worry. So stick around and enjoy my peachy clean recipes for a peachy clean time!

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Chief Eating Officer/Co-Founder

Alex Hall

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Mike Floeck


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