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Your holeistic home for better bottoming™ 🍑

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Bottom-Friendly Recipes

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Your account has given me the confidence to start actually bottoming and it's changed my life.

-Matthew F.

I've learned so much about not just bottoming, but also bettter eating, listening to my body, and becoming comfortable with myself.


Dive A*s Deep

...into some booty sex ed. Find us on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram to get what you need on the go. We share sex tips, cook up bottom-friendly recipes, and are just really passionate about what it means to be an empowered bottom.

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Howdy sluts, and welcome to your holeistic home for better bottoming.


At The Bottom’s Digest, a World of Wonder Productions WOWIE-nominated platform, we infuse sex into every part of our lives because it’s that important.

About The Bottom's Digest

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Stop starving and start thriving! Stay in-the-know with new tips, recipes, and even sneak peeks into our dirty drawers 👀

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