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The World's First Bottom-Friendly Food Channel

Anyone can bottom.

The Bottom's Digest is here to help you get the butt education you never got in school. Learn about how to bottom safely, what to eat before bottoming (for your body), booty anatomy, and more!

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Our Gut & Butt Recipes

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Our Process

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"I have IBS and colitis. A lot of your recipes and the content you have put out have been life-changing for me and have enabled me to get back to where I want to be. Never thought I'd be back to a better digestive life!"

— eVAN S.


"I spent two days getting ready for a friend visiting from out of town and my body betrayed me! After watching a few of your vids I have a way healthier routine and know how to plan eating habits when I have a d*ck appointment."

— Matt O.

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Explore our YouTube videos here or follow us on TikTok and Instagram for the abbreviated versions!

About Us

Welcome, starving sluts. I’m Alex Hall, and I’m Chief Bottom Officer in this kitchen. The Bottom’s Digest is my World of Wonder WOWIE nominated cooking show where I share delicious, bottom-friendly recipes in a sex-positive environment.

Dive A*s Deep



Whether you're a TikTok bottom, YouTube bottom, or Instagram bottom, we gotchu. Pick your poison and give us a follow to always be up to date on the latest recipes!

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7 Essentials for a Pride Survival Kit in under 3 Minutes
The Bottom's Digest

7 Essentials for a Pride Survival Kit in under 3 Minutes

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