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Surely you're asking


Bottom-friendly poke bowl for gut and butt health

What exactly makes a recipe-bottom friendly you ask? 

High-fiber foods (as plant-based as possible) that cause minimal bloating and gas to your individual body, dairy-free...


It's not really about giving up things - so it's not really a diet. It's not vegetarian, vegan, keto, or whatever. It's simply identifying the foods that make you feel like THAT BITCH and incorporating them into your life more, especially before bottoming.


Common ingredients that can wreck bottoming:

  • Broccoli

  • Onions

  • Beans, especially canned

  • Fried foods, especially soggy fried foods

  • Fake sugar like Splenda

  • Milk and cheeses


This info is hard to find in our lives. Sex ed is practically absent in schools, and toxic masculinity penetrates queer culture causing eating disorders to become the norm for pleasure seekers. Ethics ingrained in our recipes reflect a commitment to our pillar, "Consent," which is rooted in trust and respect. Here is a walkthrough of our process!

Bottom-friendly Chinese orange tofu bites for gut and butt health


We need inspiration! Whether it's a nostalgic recipe from my childhood or the latest trending recipe, research inspires every single recipe we bring to the table. We especially focus on dishes we think someone may choose to have for dinner before going out to the club and coming back home with a “midnight snack” of their own.

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We then test the recipe! If it's a recipe that's trending, we swap out things like the dairy products for dairy-free alternatives and work around ingredients we know cause lots of gas and bloating, such as beans and broccoli.



Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was our mac-n-cheese that's going to quite literally save your ass in the bedroom. It's a miracle if it works out the first time. Miracles don't happen too often, babe. Back to the kitchen for a few tweaks — it’s part of the fun!

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Self test

We pass along our dishes to a test group once the recipe passes Chef Alex — and yes, passing means eating the recipe himself and getting d*cked down. He's a Scorpio. Bitch is built ready.

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Test Group

Our test group is the lifeline of The Bottom's Digest. Our highest priority is inclusivity. Anyone can be a bottom, after all. With that being said, recipes need to be tested on a wide variety of people: Trans folks, plus-size foxes, IBS queens, and hell, even tops. 

We then check in with the group for 24 hours after they've eaten the dish. It doesn't matter if they had sex or not, that takes away from the spontaneity of The Bottom's Digest (although we do ask!). What matters is how they felt: Did you feel bloated? Did you feel like you needed to go to the bathroom? Were you so gassy you couldn't imagine riding a dick?


Less focus on messes, more focus on YOUR comfort.

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We look for a 90% passing rating with our test group and we keep refining the recipe until we get it!

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Decision Day

Once the recipe passes the test, it's ready for your eyeballs!


Or maybe it's your bottom?

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Action, bitch!


It's time to film the haus down and get the recipe on bottom's dinner plates all across this slutty lil' globe.

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